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“Looking For A Denver Metro Home Buying Process Flow Chart?”

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As you can see from the home buying process flow chart above,
the steps to buying your dream home are:

A) Find a Realtor you can trust

B) Obtain financial pre-qualification or pre-approval letter

C) Analyze your needs in a consultation – set up your online property searches

D) View properties

E) Write an offer to purchase Рearnest deposit money Рpre-qualification letter / letter of intent. 

F) After any negotiations and counter-offers, go under contract.

G) Sign disclosures

H) Inspection – objections / resolutions

I) Review title insurance and HOA documents

J) Obtain homeowners insurance

K) Appraisal

L) Secure underwriting – remove any conditions

M) Obtain loan approval

N) Close on the property

O) Take possession of your new home!


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